Still Life Painting – Fall Theme with Pumpkins

still life painting

“Autumn Centerpiece” Craig Shillam, oil, 14″ x 24″


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Still Life Painting with a Baseball Theme

still life painting


I love art and baseball, and I finally got around to putting the two together in a still life painting. Painted during the summer, in a time when I was helping to coach my son’s pee wee league baseball team, I had plenty of inspiration and distraction. [Read more…]

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Product Review – Daniel Edmondson Online Still Life Painting Workshop

Craig Shillam, still life, Edmondson workshop, oil


Thinking about taking an oil painting workshop or lessons? Want to take those lessons or that painting workshop on your own time at your own pace? Looking for a knowledgeable instructor and a great value? Check out Daniel Edmondson’s online oil painting workshop.  I did, and I’ll tell you about it….



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