Patriotic Art & The Protester…Happy 4th of July


Remembrance of 9-11, Leoma Lovegrove, On Display at the Southwest Florida International Airport

Remembrance of 9-11, Leoma Lovegrove, On Display at the Southwest Florida International Airport



Do patriotic art and the protester have anything in common? Yes indeed. That doesn’t mean they are friends however. A patriot can be a protester, a protester can be a patriot, and they can both be woefully uninformed. An artist can be all of these just like anybody else. I just wanted to celebrate the fourth of July with you by presenting some patriotic art and  some protest art because they are both interesting and both have their place…

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Patriotic Art for the 4th of July


patriotic art

“USS Constitution HMS Guerrierre” Artist Unknown

How about a little patriotic art for the 4th of July? Independence Day in America is a celebration, and should be  a lot more than an appliance sale, a used car deal, or a special on a big screen TV. So before you fire up the barbecue and pop open a cold one, how about checking out some patriotic art

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Landscape Painting – An Irresistible All American Barn

landscape paintingA landscape painting with a red barn in it? How freaking original! Why bother, it’s been done so many times before…what’s the point? This would have been my attitude in the past. Today, if I see something I like enough to spend some doing a landscape painting of it, I’m going to do it, no matter what anybody says. So it was with the “The Liberty Barn….”


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