As an Artist, You Must Never, Ever, Be This

As an artist you can and must do many things. First, you create  your art, whatever it may be. Then you have to show your work, market it, talk about it, plan events, enter shows, photograph it, and take care of your website. After all that, you need to make a few bucks from your efforts so you can do it all over again. But as an artist and creative person, there is one thing you must never do or be…

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Your Plein Air Painting on Location Checklist

Be ready so you don’t have to get ready with a Plein Air Painting on Location Checklist. Keep your checklist handy, so when your ready to paint, everything you need is ready and waiting… [Read more…]

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Robert Krogle – A Contemporary Impressionist You’ll Want to Know About

robert krogle

“The Window Seat” , Robert Krogle, 24″ x 18″, oil

If you have never heard of contemporary impressionist oil painter Robert Krogle, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you. If you are aware of Robert Krogle and his work, please read on, as he comments on his education, his influences, and his art…

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Still Life Painting with a Baseball Theme

still life painting


I love art and baseball, and I finally got around to putting the two together in a still life painting. Painted during the summer, in a time when I was helping to coach my son’s pee wee league baseball team, I had plenty of inspiration and distraction. [Read more…]

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