7 Ways to Earn Money when Art Sales are Slow & You Need Cash

I am writing this article after having a recent conversation about art sales with an artist whose work I really like. I have seen this artist at shows, he’s been around for years and years, and I think his work is fantastic…but after I was done talking with him I felt a little depressed…

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The Importance of Keeping a Cash Stash

In this modern, technology driven world around us, with credit cards, debit cards, money transfers, pay pal, smart phones, etc., it would be wise to remember to have some cash set aside for…

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The Rule of 72

Before we get to the rule of 72….If you’re a creative person and you are working hard at your craft and your career, you probably just want to create and not mess with a lot of the other day to day life tasks. But it is important to keep an eye on those day to day tasks, including your money and your financial future. Please take a couple of minutes to read about the rule of 72 below, it is simple, easy, and fast, and it can help you when you take a break from your work to think about finances in your later years… [Read more…]