What’s the Deal with All the Gold Picture Frames?


What's the Deal with all the Gold Picture Frames?

What’s the Deal with all the Gold Picture Frames?

Am I the only one that is sick and bored to tears with beautiful paintings framed with gold picture frames? What the hell? Yeah framing can be expensive, and when an artist is turning out paintings on a regular basis the cost adds up. I am right there with you. I get it.  I know I live all the way up here in the Northwest and not in the big city…But what’s the deal? A lot of galleries I have been to lately have way to many gawdy gold picture frames. Instead of promoting the painting, they are just a big ugly distraction in most cases. It doesn’t seem to matter what the painting is either; warm, cool, big, small, landscape, still life, modern, traditional, professional, student, abstract. Did the Old Masters send out a memo, or did I miss the gold frame garage sale of the century? What’s the deal?


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