Art Marketing – Hunting or Fishing, What is the Difference?

This guest post was authored by Art Collector, Art Supporter and Marketer extraordinaire, Dean Cameron. I think you’ll find it useful…

For starters, EVERYBODY who has something to sell, even art, wants to make the sale. When a sale is made it is exciting and validates you, your art, and what you have to offer.  It may or may not be our sole source of income, and maybe it is just to cover expenses, but everybody wants to complete the sale.

Herein lies the great dilemma.  If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “I am not a salesman” I would not be writing this article.  I would be in some tropical location with my feet up and a suntan. The truth is that we are all salespeople. Now before you get defensive and claim you are not like that guy on the phone who won’t hang up or the person who tried to sell you the vacuum cleaner or used car, let me explain…

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Art Marketing – is Up and Running

Art marketing has a new playground and it’s now ready for artists, galleries, dealers and art collectors who want to buy and sell art. ended the beta testing phase and kicked things off with a first class launch party. The concept is solid, the site is fairly simple to navigate, the party was fun, but the most intriguing fact that I want you to get is this…

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