Make Smarter Paintings By Reading These 15 Quotes About Composition

This article about composition was inspired by this one quote from the late, great Howard Pyle: “After the first hour of work, your lay-in should kill at a hundred yards.”  Whoa! With that sentence in mind, I did a little digging to come up with more excellent quotes and thoughts on composition to help remind us both of it’s importance…

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How to Draw with Purpose

A lot of people want to know how to draw. Usually, but not always they want to learn how to draw what they see. The act of drawing itself is so personal, so raw and can be so beautiful . If someone wants to take their drawing beyond simply recording what is in front of them, and learn how to draw with more purpose, what are some of the steps they can take to accomplish this? Here a few I have learned over the years…

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20 Great Quotes on Success when You need a little Pick-Me-Up

I don’t know what success means to you, but it’s probably somewhat different than what it means to me. While looking up quotes about success for this post, I was reminded how differently success is viewed by people of all ages and professions. Check out some of these great quotes on success, print them, and when you need a little pick-me-up, dig ’em out of the drawer and read them again. Just might be what you need… 

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An Exhibit on Impressionism with a Twist


"Washerwomen at Trouville," Eugene Louis Boudin, Oil on Panel, 1885

When most people think of impressionism, they think of the Mt. Rushmore of the movement. Monet, Degas, Manet, Renoir, and maybe a couple of others. These names crossed my mind too before I stepped through the doors of an exhibit on Impressionism at our local museum. But there was no Monet, no Degas, no Manet. However there were 41 Impressionism paintings tracing the beginning of the movement from Europe to the Pacific Northwest. And it was really good.

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Oil Painting – 20 Great Art Quotes

Great Art Quotes can be more than  just a bunch of words on paper. They in and of themselves can teach.  They can give your artitude a boost when you may need it, and great art quotes can be, but are not necessarily from, the pens or the mouths of artists with a household name… [Read more…]

Drawing – 16 Great Art Quotes that Will Inspire You

Read any good art quotes lately? If you think about it, how many people in the world can draw really, really well? Not that many, all things considered. Sometimes we let the basics slip by the way side as we roll merrily on our  way. What is more basic than drawing for most artists?  Check out the following  art quotes and see if they don’t make you want to pick up a pencil or some charcoal… [Read more…]

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