Still Life Painting with Fresh Peppers and Cup

Still Life Painting

Still Life Painting with Fresh Peppers and Cup” Craig Shillam oil/canvas, 9″ x 12″

The great thing about using fresh fruit or vegetables in a still life painting is that the colors, shapes, sizes and textures are almost endless. Picking the subject matter, arranging, and then painting is so much fun, I feel guilty some times.

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9 Small Adjustments for Better Oil Painting Results

9 Small Adjustments for Better Oil Painting Results - CashArtBlog

9 Small Adjustments for Better Oil Painting Results – CashArtBlog

Sometimes it just takes a small adjustment or two to improve your oil painting and not a complete overhaul. I am certainly not the only one who looks back on paintings from years past and says “If I had handled that part differently or this part over here another way, the entire painting would have been a lot better.”

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The New Most Expensive Painting by an American is…


A new record dollar amount for an American painting was realized on December 4, 2013. The gavel came down at $46 million dollars  during Sotheby’s American Art auction in New York for Norman Rockwell’s “Saying Grace.” The price does include a buyer’s premium, and the painting was completed in 1951. The previous record for a Rockwell painting was reported by the AP to be $15 million for “Breaking Home Ties”, which was sold at auction in 2006.

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What’s the Deal with All the Gold Picture Frames?


What's the Deal with all the Gold Picture Frames?

What’s the Deal with all the Gold Picture Frames?

Am I the only one that is sick and bored to tears with beautiful paintings framed with gold picture frames? What the hell? Yeah framing can be expensive, and when an artist is turning out paintings on a regular basis the cost adds up. I am right there with you. I get it.  I know I live all the way up here in the Northwest and not in the big city…But what’s the deal? A lot of galleries I have been to lately have way to many gawdy gold picture frames. Instead of promoting the painting, they are just a big ugly distraction in most cases. It doesn’t seem to matter what the painting is either; warm, cool, big, small, landscape, still life, modern, traditional, professional, student, abstract. Did the Old Masters send out a memo, or did I miss the gold frame garage sale of the century? What’s the deal?


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Art Marketing – Hunting or Fishing, What is the Difference?

This guest post was authored by Art Collector, Art Supporter and Marketer extraordinaire, Dean Cameron. I think you’ll find it useful…

For starters, EVERYBODY who has something to sell, even art, wants to make the sale. When a sale is made it is exciting and validates you, your art, and what you have to offer.  It may or may not be our sole source of income, and maybe it is just to cover expenses, but everybody wants to complete the sale.

Herein lies the great dilemma.  If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “I am not a salesman” I would not be writing this article.  I would be in some tropical location with my feet up and a suntan. The truth is that we are all salespeople. Now before you get defensive and claim you are not like that guy on the phone who won’t hang up or the person who tried to sell you the vacuum cleaner or used car, let me explain…

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Art Prints – Canvas or Paper, Does Any Body Care?

"Yellow Sweater/Freeman Store" Colored Pencil/Gouache

“Yellow Sweater/Freeman Store” Colored Pencil/Gouache, 16 3/4″ x 26 1/2″


Do people really care what material your fine art prints are produced on? All this talk over the last few years about “limited edition giclee′ fine art prints” and how these prints look like the original and will last for a long time, etc. I do like them personally. I have produced several prints and they have turned out to be quite successful for me. However, recently I was having a long conversation with a gallery owner about producing some prints of my work, and she  told me nobody cares if the art prints are on canvas or paper….

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10 Great Art Books for Inspiration, Education & Motivation (Part 1)

Lots of people love art books, and if you’re reading this you probably do too. I have a very nice collection, although far from complete. Below are ten favorites in my collection that I refer to time and time again for inspiration, education & motivation. While this is certainly not Oprah’s book club or a complete list of art books, these are all  worthy of a read…

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Art Marketing – is Up and Running

Art marketing has a new playground and it’s now ready for artists, galleries, dealers and art collectors who want to buy and sell art. ended the beta testing phase and kicked things off with a first class launch party. The concept is solid, the site is fairly simple to navigate, the party was fun, but the most intriguing fact that I want you to get is this…

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15 Interesting Notes about Frank Tenney Johnson


Frank Tenney Johnson

“Singing ’em to Sleep” Frank Tenney Johnson, Oil, 1926

Many people have seen some of the paintings of Frank Tenney Johnson, but most know very little about this great painter. Like many successful painters, Frank Tenney Johnson (1874-1939) lived an interesting life outside the studio that helps us enjoy and appreciate the paintings done inside the studio all the more…


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Why Should Anyone Buy Original Art?

Why should you or I buy original art? Certainly we all could buy a cheap poster to hang on our wall, or a mass-produced figurine to sit on the end table. Many people do the aforementioned and are quite content. But for those of you who do buy or are thinking of buying original art, there are a host of reasons to feel good about it…

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