9 Small Adjustments for Better Oil Painting Results

9 Small Adjustments for Better Oil Painting Results - CashArtBlog

9 Small Adjustments for Better Oil Painting Results – CashArtBlog

Sometimes it just takes a small adjustment or two to improve your oil painting and not a complete overhaul. I am certainly not the only one who looks back on paintings from years past and says “If I had handled that part differently or this part over here another way, the entire painting would have been a lot better.”

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Maximize Each Piece of Art You Create

Are you getting the most from that new piece of art you just created? After all, you’ve prepared, thought, created and completed something that is unique to you.  What now? A gallery, website, or what? Whatever it is, don’t just let that new piece of art sit there, make the most of it. When you are ready, let that piece of art go to work for you not only know, but into the future too.  Below are several ways that can help you maximize your art so it can be seen and sold…

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Marketing – A Quick Social Media Reminder for Creative People

Social Media Marketing? I just want to share my art work and see if somebody likes it or not. Maybe somebody might want some art to hang in their home or office. Imagine that. As you know there are a few choices out there at the social media carnival, and its way to easy to get distracted. You start out with a plan and good intentions, and before you know it, it’s two in the morning and you’re trying to figure out if you have accomplished anything or not. I found myself getting a little sideways in all of this, so I had to visualize something to help me keep focused…

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Artistic Success – Get Some Help

Success is different for everybody, and as an artist you probably do most things yourself either by choice or by necessity. One thing about success that you can count on is the fact that you are going to need  help at some point, or maybe at every step. This whole idea that an artist can paint away in their studio day after day and then magically get “discovered” and never have to do anything but simply paint is just folly. Put in the work and get some help. Embrace help and make the most of that help…

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Art Smart – Under Promise & Over Deliver

Part of being a little art smart is knowing what you can’t do. Most of us end up learning this the hard way; or never learning it all. Making a promise that you can’t keep is no way to build a relationship, a business, or an art career. Start now to know what can do, what you can’t do, and what you won’t do. When you learn to under promise, and then back it up with an over deliver, the stress level in your professional life drops off a cliff. The sooner you do this on a regular basis the better off you will be…

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Use the 80/20 Rule to Your Advantage

Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule? Do you pay attention to this rule in your own life? It’s nothing new, but it’s time for me to revisit and re-commit to this concept, and use it to my advantage. I want to make sure I am being as smart and productive as possible…

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Remember Your Focal Point when Painting

The term focal point has been popping up all around me lately as I continue on the journey to become a better painter an artist. It’s almost like somebody is trying to tell me something. I know that sometimes I do cram a lot into one of my pieces. Looking back, I think it would be fair to say that this artist could have taken more advantage of using a single focal point at times. I will be doing much better in that department from now on…

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Five Facebook Stats That Really Matter for Artists


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Every so often someone throws a few Facebook stats out there and exclaims how Facebook is “taking over the world.” Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. The Facebook statistics are staggering however, and it’s up to each artist to decide if Facebook is a marketing platform or a social tool, or both. Either way is fine, but some Facebook stats are more important than others when it comes to marketing your art…  [Read more…]

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Your Plein Air Painting on Location Checklist

Be ready so you don’t have to get ready with a Plein Air Painting on Location Checklist. Keep your checklist handy, so when your ready to paint, everything you need is ready and waiting… [Read more…]

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Personal Success – Win by Never Losing Big

There are many tasks that one must do on the road to personal and creative success. This article is about none of those things. [Read more…]