Check Out This Video on Pricing Your Art

I watched this video about selling art entitled “Pricing Your Artwork to Sell” by Jason Horejs and Barney Davey and thought I would share it here. Mr. Horejs is the owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Davey is the publishers of



If the video window is not showing, here is the link:


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If You’re In A Rut, Start Drawing

Market Man - Sketchbook Drawing, pencil, 2013

Market Man – Sketchbook Drawing, Craig Shillam, pencil, 2013


Drawing can be the cure when the chaos of life comes knocking at your door. You know what I’m talking about. Those times when life happens to you while you’re busy making your own to do list. Good intentions can morph into lost causes if you’re not paying attention. I don’t know about you, but getting back to drawing for just my own personal pleasure and/or practice is good mojo for me…

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Maximize Each Piece of Art You Create

Are you getting the most from that new piece of art you just created? After all, you’ve prepared, thought, created and completed something that is unique to you.  What now? A gallery, website, or what? Whatever it is, don’t just let that new piece of art sit there, make the most of it. When you are ready, let that piece of art go to work for you not only know, but into the future too.  Below are several ways that can help you maximize your art so it can be seen and sold…

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Art Marketing – Hunting or Fishing, What is the Difference?

This guest post was authored by Art Collector, Art Supporter and Marketer extraordinaire, Dean Cameron. I think you’ll find it useful…

For starters, EVERYBODY who has something to sell, even art, wants to make the sale. When a sale is made it is exciting and validates you, your art, and what you have to offer.  It may or may not be our sole source of income, and maybe it is just to cover expenses, but everybody wants to complete the sale.

Herein lies the great dilemma.  If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “I am not a salesman” I would not be writing this article.  I would be in some tropical location with my feet up and a suntan. The truth is that we are all salespeople. Now before you get defensive and claim you are not like that guy on the phone who won’t hang up or the person who tried to sell you the vacuum cleaner or used car, let me explain…

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9 Ways To Make Yourself More Interesting

9 Ways to Make Yourself More Interesting. CashArtBlog

9 Ways to Make Yourself More Interesting. CashArtBlog



Is being interesting natural or a skill that can be improved upon? Are you interesting to other people?  Do you find yourself being left out in the cold when it comes to conversations and general social situations? Would you like to have you and your art to get noticed and be a little more interesting to others while still being yourself?  If you want you, your work or your business to be noticed, if nothing else, be interesting

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CashArtBlog Art Notes for May 2013

Straight from the CashArtBlog news desk…

  • Artist Mary Maxam announced on her website that her painting “Fair Day” has been accepted into the Oil Painter’s of America Salon show, which will be in June at the Crooked Tree Art Center in Potoskey, Michigan.  Click on this link to read more about Mary Maxam and see some of her work.   You can see the “Fair Day” painting and check out Mary’s website by going here.


  • Craig Shillam (that would be me) had two paintings accepted into the 44th Annual Associated Arts of Ocean Shores Juried Art Show. The juror was none other than artist Stan Miller. The two paintings are pictured below:


"Autumn Carnival" Craig Shillam, Oil/canvas, 12" x 16"

“Autumn Carnival” Craig Shillam, Oil/canvas, 12″ x 16″


"Roadside Royalty" Craig Shillam, oil/canvas, 16" x 20"

“Roadside Royalty” Craig Shillam, oil/canvas, 16″ x 20″

  • The oil painting  “A Sweet Smile” (shown below) was chosen for the top 15% in the March 2013 Fine Art Studio Online monthly on-line competition. 

"A Sweet Smile" Craig Shillam, oil/canvas, 20" x 16"

“A Sweet Smile” Craig Shillam, oil/canvas, 20″ x 16″

Show your Award Winning Work on CashArtBlog

Won any awards with your art lately? Want to share it with a new audience and expand your reach? Why don’t you consider sharing it on CashArtBlog? We aren’t the biggest, and we aren’t the prettiest, but hey, any award or recognition is worth a shout out, whether it’s the Prix de West or a local competition. Just send me the info (no student or state fair work please)  and a good jpg image and I will post it with a link back to your website, blog or gallery. I will also post it on twitter and Pinterest if you want me to.

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You can email me at

  • I am now on twitter. If you are too…let’s connect. catch  me on twitter here: Craig Shillam on twitter. I am kind of new at it so please cut me some slack until I get the hang of it!
  • I am also now on Pinterest. If you are as well, I have some outstanding art boards set up. There are so many remarkable paintings by great artists that I had never seen before. Connect with me and CashArtBlog on Pinterest here: Craig Shillam on Pinterest.

Thank You for Reading CashArtBlog

Thanks again for stopping by CashArtBlog and having a look, I really appreciate it. It’s like your art, you just hope somebody checks it out once in a while.

A couple of more interesting notes:

"Evening Star" copyright Stephen Lyman

“Evening Star” copyright Stephen Lyman

The Coeur d’Alene Galleries in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is having another Stephen Lyman exhibit to coincide with their grand reopening on May, 10th. I attended the last Lyman show at this gallery in their old location and you can read about the exhibit here. There will be originals and limited edition giclee’s featured at the show.


The stock market has had a great start to the new year, but hasn’t had a positive May since 2009. Just sayin’…




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Art Prints – Canvas or Paper, Does Any Body Care?

"Yellow Sweater/Freeman Store" Colored Pencil/Gouache

“Yellow Sweater/Freeman Store” Colored Pencil/Gouache, 16 3/4″ x 26 1/2″


Do people really care what material your fine art prints are produced on? All this talk over the last few years about “limited edition giclee′ fine art prints” and how these prints look like the original and will last for a long time, etc. I do like them personally. I have produced several prints and they have turned out to be quite successful for me. However, recently I was having a long conversation with a gallery owner about producing some prints of my work, and she  told me nobody cares if the art prints are on canvas or paper….

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Marketing – A Quick Social Media Reminder for Creative People

Social Media Marketing? I just want to share my art work and see if somebody likes it or not. Maybe somebody might want some art to hang in their home or office. Imagine that. As you know there are a few choices out there at the social media carnival, and its way to easy to get distracted. You start out with a plan and good intentions, and before you know it, it’s two in the morning and you’re trying to figure out if you have accomplished anything or not. I found myself getting a little sideways in all of this, so I had to visualize something to help me keep focused…

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A Fantastic Portrait Drawing Demonstration (Video)

I ran across a time-lapse portrait drawing demonstration on YouTube recently and I wanted to share it. The artist is David Jamieson, and I thought the pencil portrait was fantastic. Besides the finished drawing, I found it refreshing the way the artist was measuring with pencil and hand when first laying out the proportions of the head and face. Measuring is good.

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Personal Success – Six Steps to Get What You Want

What Do You Want?  CashArtBlog

Personal Success – What Do You Want? CashArtBlog


Whether it’s success in art, business, relationships, athletics or horse shoes, one of the most basic things you need to do is decide what you want. What do you want? Ask yourself that one question over and over again until you get an honest answer. For some people it will be easy. Others are going to struggle because they are either not sure what they want, or they want the moon  served to them on a silver platter in about thirty seconds…

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