2012 Howard Terpning Retrospective

howard terpning

“The Shaman and His Magic Feathers”, Howard Terpning, oil on canvas

The Autry National Center in Los Angeles, California, has announced that it will host a major retrospective of oil paintings by american artist Howard Terpning, beginning in May 2012. The exhibition is expected to show more than 80 paintings, although the Autry Center is still looking for several  Terpning pieces for possible inclusion into the exhibit. Howard Terpning is undoubtedly one of the most successful painters of the western genre’, and to have the opportunity to see this many of his works in one place should not be missed by fans of his and Western/Indian art.

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You Define Your Own Success

How do you define success? Have you given yourself your own definition, or do you let people define your success for you? As a creative person, whether you think you are successful or not, whether you are younger or older, whatever creative field you are in, it is up to you to go for your own dreams and define you own success. Other people will try to define you and put you in a box that fits their idea of success, and that may or may not be your definition of what you think success is.

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The Rule of 72

Before we get to the rule of 72….If you’re a creative person and you are working hard at your craft and your career, you probably just want to create and not mess with a lot of the other day to day life tasks. But it is important to keep an eye on those day to day tasks, including your money and your financial future. Please take a couple of minutes to read about the rule of 72 below, it is simple, easy, and fast, and it can help you when you take a break from your work to think about finances in your later years… [Read more…]

How to Start a Conversation with Anyone and Know What to Say

You may be the most creative person or artist in the world, but are you good at starting and carrying on a conversation? You could be, and this skill can be a very good asset to you… [Read more…]

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Stephen Lyman Originals and Prints Exhibition

"Evening Star" copyright Stephen Lyman

I had the pleasure and the privilege of attending an exhibition of Stephen Lyman original paintings and prints at the Coeur d’Alene galleries in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho recently. I counted at least seventeen pieces, with five being original paintings and the remainder being either offset or giclee’ prints. I had never seen a Lyman original before, and that was the main draw for me without a doubt.  [Read more…]

Do You Really Know Who You Are?

Who are you really? Do you think you are important? Do you respect yourself? Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Do you carry the same vibe with you wherever you go, or are you a much different person when you are alone versus when you are with friends or out in public? [Read more…]

Craig Shillam: Supernatural Commonplace

craig shillam

“Yellow Sweater/Freeman Store” 17″ x 26 1/2″ Colored Pencil, gouache, copyright Craig Shillam


CashArtBlog: This is a reprint of a blog article about Craig Shillam, dated August 2, 2008, by a blogger named Scotty, on a blog called West of Center. All attempts to contact Scotty were unsuccessful.

Even in the context of representational work, the American West imbues her artists with an inherent sense of the abstract and the organic; with an unapologetic, folkish bent; and with an innate understanding of the light and space that surround, suffuse and animate their subjects.

And there is something deeper still – a fierce sense of idealism and independence that turns almost anyone that dares live and work in America’s most sacred spaces into a different kind of outsider; an artist often free of traditional schools or the cabal of a movement. [Read more…]

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Practical Thought for Creative People

The purpose of this site is to help you, the creative person, grow into a more complete and dynamic individual. This would include more than just encouraging and assisting you with that deep inner drive that makes you want to create, make, build, do, or just make your life better. [Read more…]