Affiliate Disclaimer


"Pssst...i'm trying to tell you something..."

“Pssst…i’m trying to tell you something…”


The CashArtBlog Affiliate Disclaimer


From time to time CashArtBlog will run ads and/or offer promotions that may or may not result in some sort of financial gain. 

Anything of this nature will ALWAYS be based on the hope and belief that the product or service will in some way be of benefit to the buyer and/or user. If there is a product or service available that I think is valuable or I believe in, sometimes I will recommend  it, and sometimes I will not.

Sometimes I will be compensated for a recommendation or an ad, and sometimes I may not make a dime.

In all cases, please use your own best judgement as to what is right for you and your own particular situation.

These ads or recommendations are separate from any art work or prints featured on this blog; whenever I get around to that!

Warmest Regards,

Craig Shillam


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