Hi, my name is Craig Shillam, and I live in the great Pacific Northwest, USA. I amCraig Shillam a sign artist, oil painter, blogger, and I like the stock market too. Yes, I am also sleep deprived…but I’ll get past that if you will. I hope you will get a lot out of this blog as time goes on. I plan on focusing on the things listed above and more, as well as interviewing all kinds of interesting people who can bring their own recipe to the menu. That being said, here’s the game plan…

The purpose of this site is to help you, the creative person, grow into a more complete and dynamic individual. This would include empowering you and you creative life journey. To help you discover and accept your life purpose by providing you with information that you can use to help you feel more energized and passionate about you and your life.

A creative person may or may not be an artist. Creativity is not just reserved for a person of the arts. However since your humble correspondent is an artist among other things, we will have our fair share of art on display. But that certainly won’t be all…

The Main topics of this site are:


Personal Develpoment  You are your ongoing art project

Self Belief  If you don’t believe in yourself, who’s gonna?

Creative Expression  Not just in Art, but in almost everything you do.

Truth  Be truthful to yourself and your world. There’s nothing worse than a fake.

Inspiration  If others who work for it can make it happen, so can you.


Career  Doing your life’s work more creatively can bring many rewards to you.

Marketing  Tried and true and new, whatever we can find to help you.

Self Direction  Be the best you can be, and don’t ask permission.


Spirituality  Believing in and exploring a higher power than yourself.


Money  It’s what we need, and more is usually better. The fact of the matter is, most   “creative” people I have met are not very educated about money, and I want to help.

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You may contact me via email at craig@craigshillam.com

My art website is www.craigshillam.com

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