Great Subject Matter for an Oil Painting – An Apple Orchard

The subject matter for an oil painting is everywhere, even in an apple orchard. When there are grand mountains, beautiful lakes and wide rivers all around me, why take time to paint an oil painting of an apple tree or orchard? Well, since you asked…

An Oil Painting of an Apple Orchard


"Apple Orchard in Late Summer" Craig Shillam, Oil, 16' x 24"

“Apple Orchard in Late Summer” Craig Shillam, Oil, 16′ x 24″


When you go out and wander through an apple orchard, you begin to notice a few things right away:

  • While the trees seem old, they are not that tall. This is because the apple trees are cut at the top to keep those tasty apples closer to the ground. This is kinda cool because you have the option of painting an old tree in either a vertical or horizontal format at close range.
  • The rows of trees allow the artist to play with both linear and atmospheric perspective for either a large or small oil painting.
  • The apple trees in the oil painting featured in this article are shown in late summer when there is a lot of green. This same scene a month or so later will look quite different. How about that for versatility?
  • Besides the obvious, there is usually a good sideshow within the orchard itself: Chickens, songbirds, dogs, cats, people and more just meandering about adding to the possibilities.
  • Left over apple crates, boxes, ladders, machinery and perfectly good or not-so-good apples on the ground are all good fodder for an orchard composition as well.
  • Last but not least you can pick your apples and paint them too.

Another Oil Painting with Apples


Isn’t it funny what you see in the rear view mirror? Another oil painting finished by this artist and another painting with apples in it. Whether it’s a Landscape  or  still life painting, it seems that I must have an affinity for apples. This has not been intentional at all. I also usually eat at least one apple per day too. What’s that saying? Life imitating art or art imitating life; something like that.

Where would be a good place to hang this oil painting in your home? Anywhere it fits, right? But a painting like this is great for a living room, study, or a dining room for starters. You could sit there and eat an apple and plan your next trip to your favorite orchard.

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    Great Subject Matter for an Oil Painting – An Apple Orchard

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