If You’re In A Rut, Start Drawing

Market Man - Sketchbook Drawing, pencil, 2013

Market Man – Sketchbook Drawing, Craig Shillam, pencil, 2013


Drawing can be the cure when the chaos of life comes knocking at your door. You know what I’m talking about. Those times when life happens to you while you’re busy making your own to do list. Good intentions can morph into lost causes if you’re not paying attention. I don’t know about you, but getting back to drawing for just my own personal pleasure and/or practice is good mojo for me…


Drawing Just For Yourself


You have this to do, that to do, deadlines, commitments, and on and on. Sometimes you just have to say forget it and draw. Express yourself like you did when you were a little kid. Just for the joy of it. Drawing to decompress, to improve, to explore, to observe. You don’t even need to show anybody. Forget all this adult stuff for a while and put your spirit on that paper.

While I am writing this for you to read, I am also talking to myself. Doesn’t this ever happen to you? You have so many ideas running around in your head, several projects started and nothing finished. Start, stop…and the start stop again. I just said enough of this already. I am going to draw and set everything aside until I am ready to attack it. I am going to have fun at it too, and not  worry about shows, marketing, or anything but drawing and improving. I am just going to draw for myself. Exactly what I am encouraging my twelve-year-old to do.


Drawing For Practice


Baseball players practice. Musicians practice. Dancers have class. Many professions have mandatory continuing education. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but nobody is. I don’t want to strive to be perfect anyway. I just want to be me and take my imperfections with me wherever I go. BUT, I want to get better every day so my imperfections don’t weigh as much.

A couple of real good quotes about practice:

“Sketching on a regular basis requires you to pay close attention to the visual world around you. With practice you begin to see things you never noticed before.”      Paul Laseau

“Artists are notorious for spending more time producing paintings and spending little or no time practicing.”   Tom Lynch

For some really inspiring quotes about drawing, please click here.


If you happen to find yourself in a place where the chaos of life is taking over, you might just consider taking a deep breath and start drawing. Of course painting is good too…But if it looks like all your grand plans are coming apart, try making some time for you and your art.

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