A Fantastic Portrait Drawing Demonstration (Video)

I ran across a time-lapse portrait drawing demonstration on YouTube recently and I wanted to share it. The artist is David Jamieson, and I thought the pencil portrait was fantastic. Besides the finished drawing, I found it refreshing the way the artist was measuring with pencil and hand when first laying out the proportions of the head and face. Measuring is good.


A Pencil Drawing Video Worth Watching



In the comment section below the video the list of materials included Canford cover paper, Staedtler Mars lumograph graphite pencils, General’s white pencil and a standard kneaded eraser. You’ll also see a paint brush or two and a mahl stick being used in the video.

If you are like me you probably appreciate many different styles of drawing. Tight and realistic like the one shown here, and loose, expressive drawing too. I just love it when someone creates something that is so well done that you can’t take your eyes off of it.

When all else fails, start Drawing


Sometime ago I posted two articles on drawing. One article is titled “Drawing – 16 Great Art Quotes that Will Inspire You”. It has been one of the most popular posts on this blog. You might like it, and you can find it here.

The other article talks about drawing more than just what you see. It is titled “How to Draw with Purpose”.

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Hope you liked the drawing video as much as I did, and I do think it’s better in a time-lapsed format. What do You think? 


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