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"Talent and Work Ethic" CashArtBlog

Talent and Work Ethic” CashArtBlog

The world is full of people with talent. Talent in all walks of life. Artists, writers, musicians, singers, designers, etc. If you have many years under your belt at all, you’ve heard the “he’s so talented” or “she can draw anything” descriptions countless times about many different people. I am sure you have known many people who have a lot of talent in one area or another, but were missing a key ingredient that could have helped them develop that talent into something special. That missing ingredient is usually a good old-fashioned work ethic…



 Talent with Work Ethic is Almost Unbeatable


It’s just not enough to be blessed with some talent. Many people are talented in something. So what then separates the talented people from each other? Why do some people get better at their craft as time goes on and others don’t? Why do some people seem to get the breaks? Is it luck? Is it geography, gender, race, age? Probably not. I submit to you that a person’s work ethic is paramount in becoming the best artist, photographer, musician or whatever you can be.

Talent needs to be nurtured and fed. The food is learning and growing along with that old-fashioned concept of work. Included in a work ethic can be a strong determination, a good attitude and a “grinder” type of work habit that allows what talent a person has to bloom and breathe. If you are reading this you probably have talent in something. Cultivate your talents. Don’t let your abilities go to waste. Learn, study, put the time in, work at it.

If you have a particular talent in something and are willing to learn and work hard, you too can separate yourself from the crowd of people who just aren’t willing to do the work. There are countless examples of this in almost any field.

If You’ve Got Talent…

Then don’t be lazy and don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do some work. The next time you see a painter doing a demonstration and it looks easy, just think of all the work and time the artist has put in to make it look so. I recently went to a Bruce Springsteen concert. That guy and that band made it look easy. I don’t know how much work and time has gone into making it look that easy, but it’s a lot.

A good work ethic doesn’t mean all you do is work! Gotta have some fun too. Just sayin’ a person with some talent that’s willing to put forth some effort has a good chance at developing that talent into something special. Try and accomplish something, even something small, every day.


Develop Your Talent


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