25 Ways to Market Your Paintings Now from Daniel Edmondson

Artist and teacher Daniel Edmondson has a released a new video with 25 ways to market your paintings and a new Art Masters Program too. The video contains marketing ideas you probably already know about, and maybe some you haven’t thought of or pursued. The Art Masters Program is a monthly on-line program that is in addition to his on-line still life and landscape courses. Check out the video below, and click on the links beneath the video to learn more…

25 Ways to Market Your Paintings Now by Daniel Edmondson



 Market Your Paintings and The Art Masters Program

To learn more about Daniel Edmondson’s “Art Masters Program” as well as view more videos,  click here . I have not taken this particular course, but I did take the still life painting course some time ago and wrote about my (very good) experience. You can read that article by clicking on the following link  “Product Review-Daniel Edmondson On-Line Still Life Course”.  Just to be clear, I am not affiliated with or compensated by Mr. Edmondson.


As long as we are talking about marketing your paintings, another article very much worth the read is “20 Marketing Tips for Selling More Art”.

In case you are not familiar with Mr. Edmondson’s courses, they are not all about marketing. They are about being a better painter, and we all want that, right?


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