10 Great Art Books for Inspiration, Education & Motivation (Part 2)

Art Books that can teach, inspire and motivate are worth every dollar you have to lay down to own them in my opinion. In part one of this article, five art books from my collection were offered up as worthy examples. I list these books not because they have been blessed by some art establishment “ism” or anything like that. The books listed on this list are art books I own and refer to over and over again. Below are five more art books (in no particular order) that rise up out of my collection and just keep on giving back to me in one way or another…


10 Great Art Books Part 2

10 Great Art Books for Inspiration, Education & Motivation (Part 2)


6. John Sloan on Drawing and Painting – My copy is the Dover edition from 2000, which is almost identical to the  original version “Gist  of Art” published by American Artist Group in 1939.  John Sloan was a member of  the “Ashcan School” of American painting, and an influential teacher at the Art Students League in New York. Similar to Robert Henri’s “The Art Spirit”, this art book is for those who want to dig deeper into themselves and their art. The first three chapters are 1)Point of View About Life, 2) Point of View About Teaching, 3) Point of View About Art. 192 pages of written art theory and practice with a few illustrations along the way will help any artist get “The Gist of it All”Art Books.

7. Richard Schmid, The Landscapes – Published by Stove Prairie Press in 2009. whereas “Alla Prima” is more of a teaching book, this large, tremendous art book is a portfolio of beautiful landscape paintings.  Through his landscape paintings, Mr. Schmid takes the viewer through various geographic regions of the United States, Canada, Europe, The Caribbean and South America.  Checking in at over 260 pages and 135 bucks, you can learn from and be inspired by these paintings for the rest of your life. Get itArt Books while you still can.

8. Brushwork Essentials (How to Render Expressive Form and Texture with every Stroke) by Mark Christopher Weber – As art books go this is probably for the beginner through intermediate painter. This entire book deals with the buying and caring of brushes, solvents, mixing paint, brushstrokes, blending, glazing and a lot more in a step by step fashion. Mr. Weber does a great job at laying the information out there with text, photos and his own paintings to get the point across.  We should all know how important the basics are in any endeavor, and this art book can really help with the basics of how to load and work those brushes.  After reading this bookArt Books and putting into practice the techniques presented, your paintings can start looking better right away.

9. Becoming A Successful Artist by Lewis Lehrman – One of my older art books, I like this one because it has 20 examples of artists who have succeeded in one way or another at their craft. This book has always given me hope. Different styles, ages, mediums, genres and geographic locations. Each artist is interviewed and brings forth their answers and suggestions in a straight forward manner. This bookArt Books was published before the age of the internet, so there is none of that. However, if these artists were just starting out today and did the same things they did 20 or 30 years ago, they probably would still enjoy a good amount of success. Some names you might recognize from this book are: Harley Brown, Gary Ernest Smith, Tom Hill, Zoltan Szabo, Dean Mitchell, Donald Putman and Marilyn Simandle.

10. Mystery of Making It (A Book on Marketing Art to Earn Money) by Jack White –   Twenty-two down and dirty chapters from someone who has done what he is writing about. My copy is a three-ring binder full of highlighted and ear-marked pages. Mr. white challenges some age-old ideas that most of us probably had about being this thing called an “artist”. Some of my favorite chapter titles are: Reasons Why Artists Fail; Doing Your Own Thing; Exposure as Related to Success; Attitude, When It Is All Said and Done It’s the Key; And Self-Promotion…If You Don’t Who Will?

10 Great Art Books (Part 2)

10 Very Useful Art Books – It’s a Wrap


This is by no means a complete list. It is a practical and useful list of art books from just one collection. Art books that have been very helpful over and over again for inspiration, education & Motivation.

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