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making memories

Making Memories – CashArtBlog


When you’re younger making memories is probably not on the top of your to do list. However as you season a bit and have new experiences you might find yourself thinking a bit differently. When you realize that 90 percent of what you buy in a store is junk but  filling up your senses and making memories can be priceless, your perspective starts to change…


making memories

Making Memories – CashArtBlog

Less Stuff & More Making Memories

Most of us like cool stuff. I do and I admit it. You and I we need the essentials for the day-to-day life of course. I like to eat and I would like to have a jacket if it’s cold outside. I have and need a car. I want and need a new camera, and dammit I’m going to get it. I love paintings and drawings. Gotta have them!  But …

Where I live people have a lot of garage sales. Lot’s of used stuff all over the place that you can’t get a nickel on the dollar for. If you ask fifty cents for an item, somebody will want to give you a quarter. As I drive around and see houses with the garage door open, there is no room for a car because there is too much stuff in the way. In ads and in stores there is so much stuff for sale that is just not necessary or even flat-out crap.

Everywhere you go, everything you hear is more, more, more. More money, more sales, more earnings, bigger this, newer that. Expand, move up, build up, add-on, expand, what have you done for me lately. How about taking some of that “stuff” out of the shopping cart and start filling the cart up with new experiences and great memories?

Making memories with family and friends, goin’ places or staying home. Doesn’t really matter. Sometimes making memories just happen. Other times you plan it out. A while back our family took a long, west coast road trip, and it was something that we will cherish forever and no store-bought gadget could ever compare.

Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? Dream about it, plan for it, let it happen. Turn off the TV, stay away from the box store. See the fall leaves change their colors, hand carve those pumpkins, go down to the river, play some ball, go to the museum. Go paint that whatever it is that you always wanted to paint. What ever gets your motor runnin’.

Make those experiences last by taking photos and writing stuff down. Share them. Relive them. You will thank yourself down the road for doing so. Pass memories and momentous down to your kids, they will appreciate it.

I know…not all memories will be great, that’s for sure. We all have those times that we would just as soon forget. Life isn’t all one big vacation. There are some things I would sure like to forget.

Yah, I still need and want some things, but as time marches on, family, good friends and places to see are what it’s all about for me.

Time at the easel too of course!

making memories

Making Memories – CashArtBlog

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