Art Marketing – is Up and Running

Art marketing has a new playground and it’s now ready for artists, galleries, dealers and art collectors who want to buy and sell art. ended the beta testing phase and kicked things off with a first class launch party. The concept is solid, the site is fairly simple to navigate, the party was fun, but the most intriguing fact that I want you to get is this… logo.

Art Marketing with

…Over 76,000 people reached on the flootie Facebook page in the week before the launch date with virtually no google ranking, no advertising, and in the beta testing phase. Pretty impressive. If you are unfamiliar with please click here to get acquainted and watch a cool video about the site and how you might be able to utilize this tool in your art marketing efforts.

The site’s owner, Dean Cameron, states that the site is in a basic level now, with several new features coming soon to enhance the user experience.  One of the features to be added soon are image counters to see how many times a particular piece of art has been viewed. There will also be a fan counter to count your thousands of admirers.

Why Art marketing with

  • Stay Connected with current and previous collectors
  • Affordable (It’s free to browse for art and artists. There are 3 levels if you want to list art for sale- 5 art listings for 5.95 a month, 50 art listings for 14.95 a month or 100 listings for 24.95 a month)
  • Increase your exposure and web traffic to your own website
  • Expose your work to dealers, collectors and galleries all in one location
  • You can sell your work on Flootie and other locations at the same time
  • No commissions

These days no on-line art marketing program would be complete without social media links to push the good word out even further, and Flootie’s got that covered too. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and Linkedin sharing icons are all ready to go to work for you.

Art Marketing and Expanding Your Audience is not just about posting paintings and see what happens. The idea is to post, share, invite people you know to follow you and your new work, and then steer those people to where they can make a purchase from you. A Facebook for artists? Maybe. There is also an easy way to update your collectors, prospects, friends and acquaintances when you add a new piece on the site.

If you are an artist or an art lover, you might as well go on over to and see if it might be right for you. I have posted a couple of pieces to the site, and am going to post a few more soon. We’ll see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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