Still Life Painting with Fresh Peppers

still life painting

“Still Life with Peppers” Craig Shillam, 11″ x 14″, oil/canvas

One of the best parts about “still life painting with fresh peppers” was actually going to a local market and examining all the possibilities in the produce department. When it came down to setting up the actual still life, the peppers were really cooperative models in the process. This painting had a particular purpose, and that purpose was to be part of an auction for the local art association…

Still Life Painting with Fresh Peppers


still life painting

“Still Life with Fresh Peppers” Step 1

As usual, the background of the still life painting was painted first. Sometimes I will paint the entire canvas and then remove paint where the still life objects will be. This time I didn’t feel like doing that so the peppers were left in white.

For this auction piece a looser finish was the goal, as this piece is supposed to be either a demo or “quick finish.” For something like this I would not take it to a higher level of finish like in “Still Life with a Baseball Theme.”




still life painting

“Still Life with Fresh Peppers” #2

The large green pepper was the first guinea pig in this still life painting. Sap Green, Cad Yellow Light, Terra Rosa, White and Mars Black were the colors used.

One goal I have as a painter is to use more paint and have more of a surface quality to my paintings going forward.







still life painting

“Still Life with Fresh Peppers” #3

Next up with this oil painting  are the red, yellow and orange peppers. I wanted to make sure the pepper on the left side of this particular still life painting was not mistaken for an apple. A little more time was spent on rendering some of that form to get the point across.

It’s also at this point that the table looks like it’s going straight down instead of coming at the viewer. I didn’t like that at all, so I decided to change it.






still life painting

“Still Life with Fresh Peppers” #4

It was really important to get the top of the yellow pepper to look clean and fresh. This was going to be a challenge, and it is one of the reasons why I chose to paint this composition. I wanted to see if I could do it and do it fairly quickly. You can decide if it looks OK or not. The table has been adjusted, the mat has been given a little attention, and some little Thai chili pepper’s have been added.This still life painting is starting to get somewhere.






Finishing “Still Life Painting with Fresh Peppers”

Adding some highlights on the peppers and some fine tuning on the shadows made a big difference to the final look. If I would change anything about the piece it would probably be the proportions. I tend to like a more stretched out shape to my horizontal paintings.

One thing kept crossing my mind while I was painting this particular still life painting. I really like painting a still life, but I want more. More meaning, more concept, more of a statement in addition to becoming better technically. It could be patriotic, ironic, or just really interesting. Something more. That’s what I will be working towards in the next few pieces.

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