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A brand new art marketing website called Flootie is about ready to launch, and you might want to check it out. Whether you are an artist, dealer, gallery owner or collector, the Flootie concept sounds like it has some real art marketing potential. At the time of this writing the site is not up just yet, with October 30th, 2012 as the projected  launch date. The owner of Flootie describes it as “Kinda like a dating service for art”, with the networking of Facebook, marketing of Ebay, the freedom of Craigslist with a focus on the arts.

Adding Flootie to Your Art Marketing

When opens the doors, you and I will be able to register on the site at no charge. Anybody will be able to select up to 100 artists and be notified when a piece of art by that artist is available. There will also be an add an artist feature, which would allow you to add an artist if you don’t find him or her on the site.

No commissions will be charged on sales as the buyer and seller work together to complete the sale. is simply the platform and matchmaker in the art marketing process.

Here is a sample of how the process might work. When a free registered user picks a favorite artist or several artists, he or she becomes linked to any art posted for sale on Flootie by that artist. Any business that might occur would be transacted between the artist, gallery, or dealer and the buyer. There is also an invite feature to help you bring in current and past customers or collectors to follow your work or artwork of other artists. Galleries will be able to share current art with past clients while at the same time network to the fans of that same artist.

The website will also have marketing tools to help you gain a larger viewing audience for your art. You will also be able to promote galleries that show and sell your art. The idea is to help the artist stay connected with fans and collectors and grow their exposure through the organic nature of the site. There will also be a feature to send out notification emails to those that follow your work.

At the present time, the creator of has a fundraising campaign to help with the development and promotion on another interesting website called Indiegogo. Contributors to are going to have some added exposure when the promotional phase of this art marketing website kicks in. If you would like to check out the Flootie Facebook page go here.

Art Marketing – Stay Tuned In

 I don’t know if will be the greatest thing since oil paints in tubes or not, and I don’t know if this would be right for every artist. I do think that artists and every business minded person needs to stay alert for new opportunities to market their goods. Whether it’s on-line art marketing, or face to face, stay tuned in so you at least know what might be available to you.

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  1. Thanks for the Blog Post Craig! For those who wish to participate in our Beta launch we are live….enter the work LAUNCH in the promo code box for a 1 year subscription just for helping us out.