A Landscape Painting Inspired by Carmel

If you are like me you love a landscape painting with lots of wonderous, beautiful light. This painting doesn’t have that. You, like myself probably also love a landscape painting with lots of marvelous color. This painting has a limited palette. I bet you also like to see the sun when you go to the ocean, just like I do. After wanting to check out Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca., for a long time, I finally made it. The sun did not cooperate…


A Landscape Painting With a Limited Palette

A Landscape Painting "Carmel Gray" Craig Shillam, CashArtBlog

“Carmel Gray” Craig Shillam, 12″ x 16″, oil

On a family road trip down the west coast of the good ol’ USA, Carmel was a destination that was not to be missed. I had dreams of drawing, painting and photographing all the wonderous sites I would see here. I had visions of great sunlight and beautiful shadows all day long. Well, the sun was hiding behind the clouds, so what do you do?  I tried to make the most of it and ended up taking a ton of photos. I don’t want to complain though, Carmel is beautiful and I had been waiting a long time to get there. It was so worth the wait…

Since the light was in no way what was expected, I just went with it and did a painting using the photographs I took and a limited palette. The colors used on this piece were olive-green, white, cadmium yellow, mars black, burnt umber, a touch of manganese blue hue and cadmium red.  I think that’s a limited palette, isn’t it? The small bit of  blue in the sky was added just to give a little color and a hint of what it would be like if those clouds would move out-of-the-way.

I did use a palette knife to get some texture going in the log and the foreground, and doing that is just plain fun. While I was in Carmel, and when looking at this painting, I wonder who lives in that house, and I am just amazed at the curvature on the wood. Amazing.


This Landscape Painting will be the First in a Series


This landscape painting, at 12″ x 16″ is going to be the first in a series of paintings from that west coast road trip and all of them will be the same size, I think. Most of all of them will be a landscape painting from the Oregon and California coast. The plan is to hopefully have a show somewhere and have some fun with it. Having never done a series of paintings before, I am thinking about 10 or so should work for me. Just between you and me, I hope to sell enough of them to pay for another road trip. I will have to keep at it, and I am sure I will have to take a break between these paintings and do something else from time to time.


Thanks for looking and reading. Please come back and visit again, and feel free to leave a comment, it’s nice to hear from people who live all over.




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