Making Your Creative Mind Work for You – Part 2

In the previous post I wrote about 5 ways to make your mind work for you. In this post I want to give you four more tips that you can use in your life daily to get full and satisfying cooperation from your Creative Mind. Just to recap, when I mention your Creative Mind, I am referring to your subconscious mind, which is totally separate from your conscious mind…

Creative Mind

Your Creative Mind & A Daily Action Plan

We know that the Creative Mind never sleeps and is functioning every moment of every day. It is either working for you or against you. Your creative mind takes what it is fed from your conscious mind, and acts on it, be it good or bad. The conscious mind is the master, and your Creative Mind is the servant.

As mentioned in the previous article on this subject, I am no psychologist or mad scientist in regards to the Creative Mind. I have read many, many books on this subject, it made sense to me, so I tried implementing the principles, and they worked for me and I just want to share them with you. A lot of the information in this article is mined from the book “Grow Rich While You Sleep” by Ben Sweetland, a book I have read many times since I first bought it in 1984.

 Below are the four steps, or rules, to get the most out of your creative mind, While You Sleep.

1.   Before going to bed at night relax thoroughly, both mentally and physically.

2.  Think of your problem, action or situation you need help with. Think it through, but do not be afraid of it. You are about to give your creative mind a job to do. If you were to give a person a job to do, you would need to explain what you wanted done. The same is true with your Creative Mind. You must have a clear thought in your mind of what you desire and what you want your Creative Mind to accomplish. Remember your Creative Mind is far more intelligent than your conscious mind, so make sure you are thinking positive here.

3. If you believe as I and thousands of other people do that the Creative Mind is ready, willing and able to work for you, then your next step is to have a positive, successful attitude that your Creative Mind can work for you too. It comes back to that little five letter word called faith. Have faith, be positive and expect success.

4. When you get to this point, remove any and all thoughts of the problem, action or situation from your conscious mind, and know that your Creative Mind is on the job at the solution will be forthcoming at the right time.

This simple technique has helped me many times over the years. In addition to problem solving and working around creative roadblocks, one of the main things it does is gives me peace of mind. When I have needed an answer on a project or a situation, I have used this technique along with positive self-talk and gotten big time help. But one has to believe in the power of the Creative Mind and have a positive attitude to get all the benefits. I am at the point now where I just expect good things to happen when I am hitting the rack at night.

 Your Creative Mind is Always Working

Try the above steps and give it a shot. If you have a problem or a situation you need help with, you can write to Dear Abby, call into a talk show, or you can put your Creative Mind to work for you. Remember, your Creative Mind is always working either for you or against you. It might as well be working for you. I also want to point out that you define your own success, and your Creative Mind can help you with that too.

Again I highly recommend the book “Grow Rich While You SleepCreative Mind” by Ben Sweetland

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