4 Smart Life Lessons from…an Ant?

Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes. Some life lessons are invaluable, well-earned and never forgotten. Other life lessons are simply passed down from our parents or other family members. Sometimes life lessons can be pretty damn funny at someone else’s expense. I bet you never thought you could learn any life lessons from an ant, did you? The next time you see an ant, think about this…


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4 Smart Life Lessons from an Ant

  1. Ants never quit looking for where they want to go. They don’t quit! Have you ever seen an ant on the ground and put an obstacle in its way on purpose? That ant will go over, under, around and on top, without stopping. It’s got somewhere it needs to go and it’s going to get there. Ants are persistent. They keep going and don’t quit. Where do you want to go? Where do you need to get to? Are you as persistent as a little old ant? 
  2. Ants think winter all summer long. They are always looking ahead. They are busy during the summer gathering food for winter. Their food is easier to get and more plentiful in the summer. Planning for the future, preparing, not just living for the moment is one of the better life lessons we all can strive toward. Stocking the shelves with food, knowledge, good will and financial stability.
  3. Ants think summer all winter long. Nothing lasts forever, even winter. When things are seemingly quiet and slow, ants are getting ready. The first warm day, they are out and ready to get after it. When life slows down, what do you do? During a slow period is a good time to focus, plan, strategize, learn, and get ready to get back out there. New opportunities will emerge, will you be ready for them?
  4. How much will an ant gather in the summer? All he can. How much will you gather? How full can you fill your bucket in your lifetime? Create, draw, paint, travel, love, earn, live a life as full as you possibly can!

Life Lessons with Ant-i-tude!

Four simple, but very valuable life lessons from an ant to help you along the way. Another thing about ants is this: They know who and what they are. They just do their thing year in and year out. They aren’t trying to be something they are not. The beauty of these four life lessons is that they are so simple. If you like this article, you might like this one too: Do You Really Know Who You Are?    

I believe this was originally called the ant philosophy. I don’t really know where it came from, maybe someone named Jim Rohn? I originally heard some time ago. Anyway, I thought it was great; hope you did too.

Thanks for reading. Do you think this article can be useful to you? Let me know by leaving a comment!  Thanks!


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