26 Funtastic Signs from Disneyland & California Adventure – Part 2

Funtastic Signs Part 1 featured a creative and diverse portfolio of signs from Disneyland, and none from California Adventure. So now we will take a short walk to Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park and take a peek at another group of functional and creative signs

Funtastic Signs from California Adventure

Fly 'n' Buy Souvenirs in California Adventure


Cocina Cucamonga in California Adventure's Pacific Wharf


Tuck & Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies in "a bug's land"

 ←A little kid ride with a grown up sign. I notice the signs in California Adventure are more slick and modern looking, whereas the signs in Disneyland were, for the most part, more old school. California Adventure is much newer than Disneyland, so it makes sense that they would make use of newer technology and materials in creating just about everything. I just appreciate the creativity, the fun, and the skill level of the people who make all these signs, no matter how old or new they are.






She's got a movie, a ride, and a restaurant


Point Mugu Tattoo on Paradise Pier in California Adventure


↑When I first saw the Point Mugu Tatto and the Take the Shirt off our Rack signs, I thought they might be hand painted on wood. As I got closer, I realized that they were probably created on a computer and printed on some kind of large format printer. Still, they are very nicely layed out with a great use of color. I just get the feeling though, that if these signs were for a Disneyland attraction a few years ago, they would have been hand painted, and looked just as good.↓

Another sign from Paradise Pier in California Adventure


Sideshow Shirts and OddiTees, Paradise Pier, California Adventure

 ↑I felt like I was at a high-class carnival when I stood beneath this one. That snake by the woman’s head sure looks like the snake in “The Jungle Book” animated Disney movie.


Sideshow Shirts Paradise Pier, California Adventure


Carsland coming in 2012

 ↑Even the fencing around the construction zone was first-rate, with signage you couldn’t miss, and construction work you couldn’t see.


Inside the "It's tough to be a Bug!" 3-D movie theatre

 ↑This sign was among many signs that were very similar inside the “a bug’s land” 3-D movie theatre. This movie puts any 3-D movie I have seen in a theatre to shame, as far as the 3-D, or 4-D effects are concerned. I am not impressed with the 3-D movie craze yet, because the big budget blowhards have nothing on this, as of now.

That’s it for our 26 Funtastic Signs – Hope you saw something you liked

As always thank you for stopping by…and I leave you with this quote from Walt Disney – “Give them more than they can see, and they’ll keep coming back time and again.”

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