As an Artist, You Must Never, Ever, Be This

As an artist you can and must do many things. First, you create  your art, whatever it may be. Then you have to show your work, market it, talk about it, plan events, enter shows, photograph it, and take care of your website. After all that, you need to make a few bucks from your efforts so you can do it all over again. But as an artist and creative person, there is one thing you must never do or be…

The One thing An Artist Cannot Be

You as an artist can almost be whatever you want to. Bold, subtle, whimsical, tight, loose, avant-guarde, abstract, traditional, realistic, impressionistic, conservative, liberal, new age, old school and whatever else you can think of.  Although,  just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

An artist can dress the way they want, work the hours they want to, choose their medium, style, and subject matter. An artist can have tattoos, shave their head bald, or grow it to the floor. An artist can live about anywhere these days too.

With all this freedom of choice, there is one thing an artist cannot, and must not be. That one thing is boring. You must not, under any circumstances, be a bore. With your creativity, all the freedoms I’ve listed above, there is absolutely no excuse for it.

Do not be an invisible, boring artist  

 Have you ever been to a gallery, a movie, an exhibit, a concert, or anything where you were just plain bored? Nothing excited you, nothing was worth remembering, and everything was the same old thing you have seen a hundred times before. In fact, the next day you forgot that you even there in the first place. You must do your best not be that.

Think about the artist or the creative people who inspire you. Why do they inspire you? How do they make an impact on you and others? What is it about what they do that gets you off? Think about you the artist and your own work for a moment. Is your work going to inspire someone else to remember it, and you? Will your work move people to reach for their checkbook because they really love it? If you think so, congratulations, and keep it up. 

If you don’t think your creative work is exceptional, interesting, and memorable, consider the following suggestions:

  • Experiment with edges, texture, composition, and color in your work.
  • Use diagonals in your composition.
  • Explore contrast in your work, and use it to your advantage.
  • Improve your drawing skills. The better you are able to draw, the more interesting and dynamic you will be able to communicate your ideas on paper or canvas.
  • Try something new, experiment, stretch yourself, and do not be afraid to fail.
  •  Look (but not for long) at boring art and figure out why it is boring, and then do something different.
  • Define yourself and your work, and when you have the chance, let everybody know who you are and what your work is about. 
  • Continue to develop your people skills. Not only do you want to be a dynamic artist, it is a worthy pursuit to be someone who is interesting to talk with as well.

Never Be A Boring Artist

There are a lot of things you can be as an artist. Boring must not be one of them.

Be Yourself. Being a boring artist or person is not good, but trying to be someone you are not is no good either. If you and your artwork are creative and interesting, good job. If, on some reflection, you feel you have some work to do in that area, don’t wait.

Parting Shot: I hope this article was not boring! Here’s to being the most interesting, dynamic, and memorable artist and person you can be.   


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    As an Artist, You Must Never, Ever, Be This

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