West Coast Road Trip Day 6 – Carmel by-the-Sea


The Lone Cypress

Leaving San Francisco was not easy, but the West Coast Road Trip had to get back on track with two nights and one day in Carmel By-the-Sea. The somewhat short drive south from Fisherman’s Wharf would allow us time to just hang out and discover if what I have heard about Carmel all these years was true…

 A Taste of Carmel on a West Coast Road Trip

One of the plans from the start of this west coast road trip was to drive as close to the Pacific Ocean as possible the entire way south. Alas, a wrong turn, yours truly feeling a little spent, and a desire to get to Carmel the quickest way possible from San Francisco won out over more ocean view driving.

And so it was, a crowded, fairly short drive to Carmel south on highway 101, we finally left San Francisco behind. Rolling along through mountains, small towns, and farms, we made our way back to highway 1 and the ocean again, as well as Monterey, and then into Carmel.


The Beach at Carmel

1 Day – 6 Great things about Carmel

  1. The Restaurants. So many restaurants in Carmel , only one stomach. We ate Italian at Il Fornaio, on the patio at the Village Corner Mediterranean Bistro,  lunch at Palisserie Boissiere Restaurant & Bakery, and snacked at other wonderful establishments. All were great, and we left plenty of others on our list to try next time.
  2. Art Galleries. I had heard and read that there were a lot of art galleries in Carmel, so I was ready to investigate. I visited a few. Then I saw some more, and visited them. Then I found even more, so much so that I could not get to them all in the short time I had in Carmel. Small, large, artist owned, with a wide variety of  styles and prices. There were highlights, such as the California Impressionist paintings at Karges Fine Art Gallery, seeing a few Brian Blood original paintings at Jones & Terwilliger Gallery, and it was very cool to see a few artist owned galleries. None of them were open at the time! Artists!!
  3. Carmel City Beach. Big beach, lots of free parking close by, great view, clean, (although I don’t know what all that stuff was in the water)and a great vibe. You could also just walk from the art galleries and shops right down to the beach, instead of driving.
  4. Shopping. I’m not a big shopper, but I know a lot of people are. There were plenty of interesting shops in Carmel of all different price ranges,  from the modest, to shops for you high rollers. I prefer the local shops myself, but there are also the national known places, such as Tiffany, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Tommy Bahama to name a few.
  5. The 17-Mile Drive. Maybe the 17 Mile Drive is not technically in Carmel, but it’s right next door. The beautiful drive takes you through Pebble Beach and Del Monte Forest. Some of the more notable sites you would pass on this wonderful excursion would be Point Joe, Bird Rock, Fanshell Overlook, Cypress Point Lookout, Pebble Beach Golf
    Course, and The Lone Cypress, among others. I must not forget all the beautiful homes either, wow.   
  6. The People. It seemed like everyone we met in the businesses were very nice and friendly. I actually felt welcome, which is more than I can say about another one of our favorite coastal towns in the next state to the north. It made everything that much better.



    Along the 17-Mile Drive

 Carmel by-the-Sea You Again

 It’s hard not to think about being an artist, living and working in a place like Carmel. Lots of visitors, excellent weather, other creative people, city streets with no parking meters, and close to the beach and ocean. I loved it. I highly recommend you go if you can.

If You are an artist, art lover, or an art collector, Carmel is great. While I saw some wonderful paintings, I will say (not that I am the supreme judge) but there was some art that was, let’s just say, less than professional.  


This house was for sale when we were there...really nice, but lots of foot traffic!

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    West Coast Road Trip Day 6 – Carmel by-the-Sea

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