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Thinking about taking an oil painting workshop or lessons? Want to take those lessons or that painting workshop on your own time at your own pace? Looking for a knowledgeable instructor and a great value? Check out Daniel Edmondson’s online oil painting workshop.  I did, and I’ll tell you about it….



A Great online Still life Painting Workshop

I had been on the hunt for an oil painting workshop to go to, somewhere in the western U.S., that fit my schedule, would stretch me a bit, and  sounded like fun. The thought had not even entered my mind to look for or consider an online painting workshop. As I was bumpin’ around on the internet, I saw a listing for Colorado artist Daniel Edmondson and his online still life oil painting workshop.

Craig Shillam, still life, Edmondson workshop

Now I have been 19 for many years now, and I have been making art in one form or another ever since I can remember. I gotta tell you, I have never in my mind wanted to have anything to do with painting workshop that involved making still life paintings. Not in high school, not in college, and not ever. To me, that genre’ was for little old ladies with blue hair and hearing aids. I couldn’t have been less interested at the prospect. I now stand corrected on that front. My apologies to still life painters everywhere, and to little old ladies with blue hair and hearing aides.



The Still Life Painting Workshop

 Here’s what you get:

  • The complete painting workshop is a ten lesson/DVD course, but you can just take one lesson if you want, it’s up to you.
  • You are emailed photos, a demonstration of Mr. Edmondson painting that particular photo, along with any support material for that lesson. You also get the lessons on DVD mailed to you so you can refer to them again if you want to.
  • After you paint your painting, in your time frame, you need to photo it (he shows you how) and email it back so he can critique it.
  • Cost: $179 for the 10 lesson course, or individual lessons for $25 each (at last glance), with a no questions money back guarantee.
  • Worth every penny

Here’s how it went down for me:

  •  The lessons for the painting workshop were sent via email. Photo’s of the still life, a demonstration video, and sometimes a related sheet of information to print out.
  • The photos were extremely impressive by themselves. Not only is Edmondson a very good teacher, this guy knows how to take a photograph. He might as well add a photo workshop on top of the painting workshop. I emailed my photos to the local Walgreen’s, had 8 x 10’s made, and they turned out really well.
  • The demonstrations were easy to follow, nicely presented, and very informative.
  • I painted my paintings as I saw fit, photographed them after each lesson, and emailed them back to Mr. Edmondson for his critique. If I had any questions during this whole process, I just emailed him and guess what? He actually emailed me back!
  • The technology part of the still life painting workshop process was pretty easy. I did have a little trouble in the beginning with printing out the photo’s. After a knock down drag out wrestling match with my computer, I discovered the problem was with my software on my computer.

During the painting workshop Mr. Edmondson touches on things like color mixing, light, temperature, materials, composition, mood, paint quality, brush strokes, and more. He also has a great video on how to set up and photograph a still life for great results.

Another tip I found very helpful during the painting workshop was  how to photograph your paintings so they not only look good for him to critique from, but also so they look good for a website, sending to a competition, or for your portfolio.

Taking this still life painting workshop worked out good for me, and I feel I’m a better painter for it. Whether or not I choose to continue to paint still life paintings in the future, this painting workshop helped me in a lot of ways that I can use in my other paintings, regardless of the subject matter. I would highly recommend going to Daniel Edmondson’s oil painting workshop website, and getting more information or send him an email if you have any questions.

This painting workshop would be good for the beginner, the intermediate, and the painter who, like myself, is looking to stretch and try something new, while getting some knowledge and guidance at the same time.

Don’t take this painting workshop if you want to learn to paint very tight and realistic, if you don’t want to paint still life paintings, and if you feel you need to paint totally from life to get any better at your craft.

Recently Mr. Edmondson has come out with a landscape oil painting workshop modeled after his on line still life painting workshop course. If you go to his workshop website listed above, you can see all the landscape painting workshop photos you would be working from should you take that course.

Another thing you can do is sign up for his weekly painting tips. This is a free service from Mr. Edmondson. About every week or so you get, as fresh as a new cup of coffee, a new video painting tip. Each tip lasts about five minutes and I find these painting tips very useful and informative. Highly Recommended by yours truly!!!

To wrap it up, taking the Daniel Edmondson online still life painting workshop worked out well for me. Like I said, I was looking to go somewhere and take a painting workshop on location when I found this on the net. I liked the fact I could do it in my own studio, on my own time, and the technology of the whole thing was an asset and a learning experience, not a total pain. The cost was very reasonable. In fact, I thought for what I got out of the painting  workshop, the price could have been much higher. I consider it a good investment, and have already made back many times the cost in sold still life paintings. In the end I found painting still life paintings were a lot of fun, extremely addictive, and very challenging. I recommend this still life oil painting workshop highly.

If your interested, you can see more still life paintings that I finished after taking the still life painting workshop at


Update: Daniel Edmondson has a new painting workshop and a video about 25 different ways to market your paintings which you can check out here.

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  1. Craig,
    Very beautiful peices. I also took the still life course because you can make it work into ones time schedule. It was interesting to see some of the pieces that I did in this class,done by someone else. Yours pieces are amazing. I agree with everything you said…cannot believe the price break on 10 lessons. Have learned a lot. Never had formal lessons…just a few courses in High School, so I painted all these years without guidance.
    Debi Gust-Boerema

    • Hi Debi, thanks for the comment…I think Dan is a a very, very good teacher. I actually think his course should cost more for what you get, I would have paid more. For someone who has never had formal lessons your painting is coming along nicely…keep it up!!! Are you taking the landscape course too? All the Best, Craig Shillam

  2. Donna Maddox says:

    I am taking Daniel Edmondson’s still life lessons. I have only finished the first one. People I have shown it to have told me it is leaps above my past works. I was very pleased with my improvement of my skills just after the first painting. My husband says it has just blown him away. Workshops that have been offered in my location range from $200 to $450 for 3 to 5 sessions. I have taken a couple, but never felt I got the value for my money like I have with Dan’s workshop. I was apprehensive at first about communicating long distance, but when I got my first video critique back from him, the apprehension is gone. I feel like I know him personally. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to stretch their skills and learn more about oil painting still life. When I finish these 10 lessons, I plan to take the landscape series.
    Donna Maddox

    • Great job Donna, keep painting, and growing. That still life painting workshop helped me a lot, and by the time you are done, I’m sure you will have more confidence and skill. All the best, S

  3. Thanks for your endorsment of Daniel Edmondsons DVD Series.
    I also took his class and am now into his landscape Series. Just finished # 6 . He is the most impresive instructor. I too was surprised to see he actually answered my email questions and and the video critiques my work with great tips ..
    I had never painted formal a still life and it was a great experience.
    Most of my paintings are from memory or just what comes to my thoughts. I had not picked up a paint brush in almost 30 years and have no formal training , just a few short things I have picked up on line for free . I got into Computer graphics and photography and let the paint sit stored for many years . It feels so great to get back to something I love the feel and wonder of the paint on a real brush.. Thank you for your interesting Blog.

    • Thank You for Your Comment and the Compliment Barb. I bet you are having a blast with that workshop!!! Computer graphics and photography are fun, but there’s something about painting…right? All the Best…CS

  4. Hi there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this web site.

  5. i’m not clear on how the online workshop really works.

    • Hi…The workshop works like this…You sign up, Dan emails you a lesson (photos, demonstration), you paint the lesson, you photograph your painting and email it back to Dan, He critiques your painting and gives you pointers, and when you are both satisfied, you move on to the next lesson, and repeat. Hope this helps. Contact Dan if you have any further questions or sign up for just one class to check it out. It’s very, very good.

  6. I’ve never painted before. I used to draw when I was a kid but even then I never understood how to make drawings 3D. Also, I would never color my drawings because I did not understand how to blend colors or work with different contrasts. With all of that said, do you think that I would be able to make fairly decent paintings after using this 10 disk set?

    • Hi Brian, thanks for reaching out. I don’t know if your paintings will be as good as you want them to be after taking Dan’s class. I do know this, you will never know until you give it a shot, and I feel Dan is a very good teacher, and he can help you a lot. Just take it one lesson at a time…let me know how it goes! Craig


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