Do You Really Know Who You Are?

Who are you really? Do you think you are important? Do you respect yourself? Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Do you carry the same vibe with you wherever you go, or are you a much different person when you are alone versus when you are with friends or out in public?

We have all met people in our lives that seem so together, only to find out later that our perception of that person couldn’t be further from the truth. The opposite is also true, is it not? Turns out, that average Joe you barely paid attention to really had their act together professionally and personally, and turned out to be a pretty successful guy.

It would help you tremendously in your creativity, and in all areas of life, if you would take some quiet time to think and attempt to discover who it is you really are, what makes you the most happy, and what you want to become.

You are the maker of you.

By spending the necessary time to think and contemplate what type of person you want to become, you start to create the ultimate piece of art…a better you. Maybe on the outside you are a masterpiece, but we all would be better off in life if we were to at least attempt to be a masterpiece on the inside too. Looking like a beautiful summer day on the outside, but feeling like a dirty, used frying pan on the inside just isn’t the way to spend your life if you can help it.  

There is only one you, and you have only one life on this earth. By feeling that you and your life are important enough to sculpt your own personal destiny, you begin to elevate yourself.   

Think of your mind as a garden. Now you can either plant seeds, fertilize, and water your garden to bring forth an abundant harvest, or you can choose to ignore it, and let it be infested with weeds. Remember too, you don’t just water, weed, or fertilize a garden just once, you need to care for it consistently. Which ever you decide to do, you will see results. Good or bad, you will see results.

Begin to define yourself.

There are many great, good, and poor books by people far more qualified than I to help you if you want to get really in depth with yourself. My goal in this article is to plant the seed and get you started with a couple of easy and effective excercises in this process. My hope is that you will be true to yourself. Be Authentic. Real. Genuine. Is there anything worse than a fake?

Your Personal Core List.

I know your busy. Your busy, I’m busy, everyone is busy. But I’ve got a simple, effective,  quick excercise that can help you define who you are at this point in your life. Try and get a little quiet time and take a few minutes for yourself, and do the following:

Simply write down the areas of your life that are the most important to you. This is the beginning of your “Personal Core” list. Some examples could be be family, health, art, spirituality, career, friendships, finances, and/or any other subjects that fit you and your life.  Under each of your Personal Core topics, write your thoughts, beliefs, or desires about each subject. Define these subjects as best you can, be short or long, be specific, be truthful, be yourself.  An example could be something like the following…Your an artist. you write down art as a core topic. Write down the type of art you love to create the most. You love traditional representational landscape paintings. You love to look at them, you love to study them,  you love to paint them when you have time. Great. Got it down. Are you painting those landscapes? If you are Great!! However, maybe you notice something. Maybe you went to art school where abstract painting was king. You like abstract painting a little, but you don’t love it. So you went through the classes, you received some compliments, you sold a couple of pieces, earned some money, won an award or something, and you kept painting those abstract paintings. But deep down inside you love those landscape paintings you see in other galleries and in magazines, and that is really what you would love to be painting, not the abstracts. Your inner desire is not in harmony with your outward condition, and your long term happiness in your painting is questionable. You need to think about that. Do this for all your core topics and find out where you are at this time in your life.

By doing this simple excercise, you may find you are on your game and you are who you think you are. You also may suprise yourself  by realizing something you didn’t expect, and therefore, you may need to make a change or two in how you spend your time,  who you spend your time with, or what you are doing with your time.  

The next step is to take your core life topics and rank them in numerical order, with one being the most important, and so on. It may suprise you in which order you put your topics. The  life topic you place number one will tell you a lot right away. If you put down family as number  one, but you’ve been spending so much time working you haven’t spent any time with them lately,  you need to address that. I think you get what I’m saying.

By taking a little time and doing this simple, easy excercise, you can either affirm who you are and how you are going about your life, or you can see for yourself that you may need to make some changes that could really impact your life in a positive way.

Instead of reading a three hundred page book, first do that simple personal  core excercise mentioned above, and take your pulse on where you are at this moment in your life. If you need more precise and involved information beyond that, then search for a more in-depth book or website that can help you.

 After a little self examination, might you now be a little closer to knowing who you really are? You will be able to define your own success.When you know who you are and where you want to want to go, aren’t you much more confident in yourself? When you are more self confident, doesn’t everything you do just go a little better? Doesn’t that brushstroke show more vitality and authority? Don’t the words you write command more attention? Aren’t the everyday decisions made from a person who has self confidence more effective than from someone who takes direction from the wind? Yes.

Once you get a grasp of who you are and where you want to go, get excited… but don’t get lazy. You’re not done. You’re  just getting started. You will be tested. You will have great days and not so great days. It’s not always easy. There will be speed bumps. It’s almost like clockwork. The minute you decide to step out and do something outside your norm, there it is. The unexpected company, the car breaks down, an illness…on and on. That’s Life. It’s those things you do to rise above the unexpected and the uncomfortable that will help you build your future in a positive way. By taking the time to know who you are at your core will be a great asset to you when life gets tough and wants to pull you in a hundred different directions. And it will.

But you going to handle your life, your relationships, your business, and your art, like a person who is important, has self respect, and who believes in themself. You can do it.

                                                              Who are You?


  1. Hello there, Craig! I discovered your blog tonight, and it’s just the medicine I needed. I’m at a very weird crossroads in my life, where out of nowhere, I suddenly feel artistically inadequate. I have such a huge desire to improve my skills beyond what I’m capable of now, but at times I really don’t know what to say in my art, or what direction to go next for improvement. I feel so bogged down by the amount of amazing talent out there that I sometimes feel that I can’t possibly compete with other ‘better’ artists. The time is growing nearer for me to finish school and start looking for work in the illustration market, and frankly it has me scared… and it’s showing in my artwork. I’ve always known this should NEVER take the front seat in my mind, but all too often it does, leaving me fighting to stay afloat. It doesn’t matter how much praise I can get, I can never live up to my own standards. After finding your ‘Artitude’ section, it has left me feeling so much more hopeful about my artistic future, since I’ve identified a lot of the things holding me back – and it’s all ME. I need to get to know myself better, what I want to say, how I want to say it, and be confident about it. I need to stop comparing myself to other “more talented” artists. They can’t do what I can, I am the only one who can do what I do best! Excuse my angst – long story short – your writings have really helped me out. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Alex, thank you so much for your comments. A couple of things… I think it’s quite natural to have the thoughts and feelings you describe from time to time. If you have the desire to get better, you will. Attack what weaknesses you think you have. Getting out of school and looking for that first job is a big deal in any profession. Just put your best stuff together and go for what you want, although you may not start there. The artist that you are now is not the artist you will be in 3, 5, 10 years from now. Keep working at improving, and you confidence will improve as your work improves. Best of luck to you! Keep in touch and let me know how it’s going! Craig


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